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What is PrettyFit Box?

An awesome box you will receive containing fitness goodies loaded with gym apparel, beauty skin care, protein snacks & workout accessories!

How much will it cost?

PrettyFit box is just $24.98 pre-order including shipping/handling. Go ahead treat yourself to one today and start crushing your fitness goals. "No subscription – No strings attached, No fees"

What can I expect?

Each PrettyFit box is limited edition "never coming back" and will include 8-12 items. You'll get to try all different types of products, from fitness apparel to skincare to protein supplements.

if you’re someone who is interested in fitness, beauty, and health, we’re sure you’ll love it.

Why should I buy?

You will receive an awesome box containing workout goodies, rather your lifting weights or working on your cardio PrettyFit Box will supply you a dose of motivation to help you along your fitness journey.

Will I know what's in the box before I receive it?

Surprise is the name of our game. 

You will not see everything that's in a PrettyFit Box before ordering but this is half the experience. Getting you to try something new and exciting and the experience of receiving a new package.

*Don't worry will be giving you details plus a sneak peek at what's inside.


How do I pay for the PrettyFit Box?

Easy, Safe & Secure - We accept all major credit cards through Amazon Pay.


"No subscription, No strings attached, No fees" the only thing you’re paying for is your one-time pre-order price to purchase the PrettyFit box.


When is the PrettyFit Box sent out?

PrettyFit Boxes are shipped quarterly. Every 3 months ( March, June, September and December.) Shipping takes between 5 to 7 business days for USA customers.

Please contact us if you are not sure when the next shipment is here.


A item does not fit?
If we have made a mistake and shipped you the wrong size item we will happily send you another free of charge upon return. Please contact us to fix the problem.

Damaged item in your PrettyFit Box?
We will happily replace any damaged items free of charge upon return. Please contact us and we will get everything fixed.

Still have a question? Get in touch with us!

email us at: info@prettyfitbox.com



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